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Golf holes the size of dinner plates: Training your mind to properly set the table for the successful Zone shot

Some days we are just so darn brilliant in our games. Why? Who knows? We change putters. We change coaches. We change golf partners. But the next round is vastly different. We struggle with three-footers. We question our routine. We change things up. We switch clubs. We take chances. We take unnecessary advice. We second guess. And as the game progresses, we self-talk and beat ourselves up. Our mind gets out of control and our “feel” game is diminished. And we blame everything from weather to slow pokes.


In support of competition in sport: Thoughts from a karate dojo

Just like Bear Bryant, winning is in my blood and it was in the blood of my karate students. I love to win; they love to win. There is no feeling quite like it. However, there are lots of blog posts and articles these days on the perils of winning and the damage it can do to the tender minds of our children. I’d like to shed some light on my process for winning and the impact it has had on my own students.


Preventing the death spiral in sport: Anticipating and fixing game-day problems

Athletes get tripped up in their games in ways that can be predicted and prevented in the first place. Bob Palmer gives you three simple approaches to prevent the preventable and tackle the unpredictable.  So what can you do when your game falters? A lot if you are prepared and anticipate the types of problems that might occur.


SportExcel Zone Podcast

Whether your dream is to experience the joy of competing to win, to become an Olympian or pro, to excel in your sport, or just to have more fun, listen to how athletes have used the SportExcel Zone strategies for consistency, focus, resiliency and winning in their sport.


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